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The Great Book List – The Ancient Era

The Ancient Era 2000 BCE – 8 BCE Unknown, Sumer, ca. 2000 BCE. The Epic of Gilgamesh. Unknown, Egypt, ca. 1000 BCE. Egyptian Book of the Dead. Homer, Greece, ca. 800 BCE. The Iliad, The Odyssey. Hesiod, Greece, ca. 700 BCE. Theogony. Unknown, Israel, ca. 800-200 BCE. Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Job. Unknown, India, ca. 800 BCE. The Rig Veda. Unknown, India, ca. 600 BCE. The Upanishads. Confucius, China, 551-479 BCE. The Analects. Lao Tzu, China, ca. 550 BCE. The Tao Te Ching. Sappho, Greece, ca. 600 BCE. Hymn to Aphrodite. Aeschylus, Greece, 525-455 BCE. Agamemnon, Libation Bearers, Eumenides. Sophocles, Greece,...