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Other Lists – Great Books of the Western World – Mortimer Adler

“Great Books of the Western World” by Mortimer Adler The Syntopicon: An Index to the Great Ideas Angel to Love Man to World Homer. Iliad; Odyssey Aeschylus. Plays Sophocles. Plays Euripides. Plays Aristophanes. Plays Herodotus. History Thucydides. The History of the Peloponnesian War Plato: Dialogues; Seventh Letter Aristotle: Works Hippocrates. Hippocratic Writings Galen. On the Natural Faculties Euclid. Elements Archimedes. Works (including The Method) Nicomachus. Introduction to Arithmetic Lucretius. The Way Things Are Epictetus. Discourses Marcus Aurelius. The Meditations Plotinus. The Six Enneads Virgil: Eclogues. Georgics; Aeneid Plutarch. Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans Tacitus. Annals; Histories Ptolemy. Almagest...