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Tell us about the Great Books

We hope you like the new look of The Great Books List. Part of the rework was to enable people to comment and discuss the great books. Do you have an opinion on the Great Books? Have some comment on any book or plays on the list? Do you find this useful or interesting? Any particular book we have missed? We are always looking for you feedback and how you have approached the Great Books and you thoughts on them. Start a debate with a comment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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George Eliot, England.1871 Although many female authors had enjoyed considerable success in Georgian and Victorian England, and many would be later recognized for their masterpieces and are recognized on many great books lists, there was an opinion at the time that female authors could write romances and little else. Mary Ann Evans wanted to be taken seriously as a writer and so published under the pseudonym George Eliot. There is also some evidence that she wanted to maintain her privacy, especially as she was involved with a prominent married man for many years. Set in rural England, her novels were...

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So why a new Great Books List?

Why another great books list? This site has beenĀ around for a couple of years in a primitive format so I thought it time to move on and get with the program and become a little more interactive. So, more of a blog than a huge website with a page devoted to each great book on the list. I hope you like the new cleaner look and find the content something that may spur you on to exploring more of the great books. Each great book on this list illuminates something about the human condition; they explain the world live in...